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How to keep your cryptocurrency safe

Cryptocurrencies have caused a lot of spike in the last couple of years, and some experts estimate that this will be the future of investment. But, as this technology continues to develop and grow, many hackers see a chance to earn money as well. It has become really challenging to believe someone in a digital world, especially if we are talking about the money. We all remember what happened with the Mt.Gox exchange.

So, if you have already earned you coins, then now it’s the time to keep them safe, and you can only do that if you buy reliable e-wallets. Here are some options for you:

post10aLedger Nano S

This is a USB sized hardware wallet, which has been specially designed for the cryptocurrency. You need to keep in mind that hardware wallets are expensive, but you get a lot of features in return. This is probably one of the best wallets on the market. It offers you advanced security solutions, such as backing up your private key for the digital currency. You don’t need a computer to use this device. Nano S has a small LCD screen, which allows you to operate your wallet, for example, you can make transactions, exchange cryptocurrency and use the app to transfer money from one account to another. Even if you lose Nano S, you can back up your files and block the theft.

Ledger blue

This is another hardware wallet produced by the same company. Only this one is more advanced. It is bigger in size and supports new options which have never been seen in any digital currency wallet. Considering the features, stylish design and advanced options, Ledger Blue is the most expensive wallet available on the market. With Ledger Blue, you aren’t only getting the wallet to keep your coins, but a professional security device, which has a touchscreen, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. When you look at Leger Blue, it will remind you of a mini iPad, but it’s so much more.


post10bCoinpayments is a web-based wallet and became very popular when it allowed their users to store more than 75 currencies. The significant advantage of this wallet is that it provides their services for free, you just need to register. Also, this wallet offers visibility; it means it’s accepted by hundreds of online stores. It means you can use your funds to buy things online, not only use it for trading purpose.


Traders are thrilled with this e-wallet because it offers the best features out there. Exodus is another online based wallet, which provides advanced features to its users. So, if you are searching for a wallet that excellent graphics, reporting system, unique colors and it’s easy to use, then Exodus is the right choice for you. But, the design is not the only thing this wallet has to offer. Many traders are worried about the safety of their coins, and this e-wallet is a perfect option for you.