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For some time, we have been holding conferences about cryptocurrencies, and we want to educate people about this new form of investment. If you have any questions, give us a call.


About the conference

Considering that digital currencies have become very popular in the last couple of years, we have decided to launch the conferences and seminars about this type of trading. The seminar mainly covers the up and coming cryptocurrencies to follow, it also touches on the safest way to purchase these cryptocurrencies. We have been touring through the U.S., and you can check out our schedule on the site.


Through the years

We could say that our first conferenced happened in 2009, the first-time bitcoin appeared. Through years we have developed our skills and learn to adapt to new trends and new coins. Now we have more extensive experience in this type of trading, and we plan to help many traders achieve their goals.


What is our main goal



Our team of experts wants to educate people who are attending our conferences and teach them about the way to invest their money.

Providing valuable recourse


Many investors are still new to cryptocurrencies, and we want to help them understand better this type of trading.



If you are an experienced trader, then we can offer you counseling services, which can help you grow your coins.



 John Howen 



The first time I attended their conference, I was surprised how educated these people are, and with their guidance, I made my first transaction.


 Anya Wydra



The great team of people is behind this project, and I was pleased to visit their conferences, they provide various topics and teach people about digital currencies.


 Gene Thomas 



I recently discovered this company, and they helped me change the entire perspective about cryptocurrency trading. I’ve learned some new skill, and trading techniques and this whole experience were positive for me.


Bob Hicks 



This is an excellent company, and they have a large team of competent people. I very much enjoyed listening to them and I every time they are in my city, I always attend their conferences.

Our conference speakers

  • Judith Monroe
  • Mark Jonson
  • Margaret Grey

If you want to teach how to trade cryptocurrencies, then Margaret will provide you the basics. She teaches courses for beginners and people how are just starting with this type of trading.

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